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Location Institution Contact Name Description and Cabling FacilitySuperconducting cabling machine for the fabrication of Rutherford type cable having a maximum capacity of 40 wires. Test laboratory for characterization and qualification of superconducting materials, wires and cables.
construction, production, measurement, tests, strand
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frTest Cryostat at Variable Temperature and High Magnetic Field Saclay (CETACES)Critical current measurement on superconducting samples: CETACES 1: Ø ≤ 49 mm, B ≤ 17 T, 1.8 K ≤ T ≤ 200 K, CETACES2: Ø ≤ 93 mm, B ≤ 13 T, T = 1.8 K or 4.2 K depending on the magnetic field value.
cryogenics, magnetic field, measurement, tests, superconductor, strand
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frH0Test facilility for characterizing superconductor wire in a background field B=3 T with a homogeneity of 350 ppm in a sphere of 300 mm (350 mm warm bore, T = 4.2 K).
cryogenics, magnetic field, measurement, tests, superconductor, strand
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frInsulation laboratoryTechnical support in the winding of large magnets (Ø ≤ 2 m, L ≤ 3 m).
design, construction, production, magnet, strand
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itTest station for normal conducting magnetsest station for normal conducting magnets (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Rome)
magnetic field, measurement, tests, magnet, strand
PLIFJ test laboratoryThe currently used helium liquefier efficiency is of order of 20 l/hour with LN2 precooling. The LN2 is also available in the institute for research at liquid nitrogen temperatures.
cryogenics, measurement, tests, strand