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Location Institution Contact Name Description
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itElectrons at the Beam Test Facility (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Rome)Irradiation facility for detector calibration/test and for irradiation of samples with a pulsed electron (or positron) beams in a wide range of beam parameters (in term of energy and intensity).
accelerator, cyclotron, radiology, measurement, tests
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itSynchrotron Radiation at DAFNE (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Rome)The DAFNE Beam-Test Facility (BTF) is a beam transfer line designed for the optimized, stochastical production of single electrons/positrons for detector calibration purposes, or the extraction of the DAFNE LINAC electron/positron beam.
accelerator, electrons, radiology, measurement, tests
PLIFJ – Proteus C-235Proton beam with energy from 70 MeV to 230 MeV and intensity from 0.5 nA to 500 nA
beam, accelerator, cyclotron, protons, radiology, measurement, tests
PLIFJ – AIC-144Proton beam with energy 60 MeV and intensity 80 nA
accelerator, cyclotron, protons, radiology, measurement, tests
PLIFJ microbeam at the van de Graaf acceleratorVan de Graaff accelerator laboratory with proton beam energy up to 2.5 MeV
accelerator, protons, radiology, measurement, tests