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Location Institution Contact Name Description LaboratoryConstruction and assembly of SC magnets up to total length of 3 meters (prototypes and special productions).
construction, production, assembly, magnet and Cabling FacilitySuperconducting cabling machine for the fabrication of Rutherford type cable having a maximum capacity of 40 wires. Test laboratory for characterization and qualification of superconducting materials, wires and cables.
construction, production, measurement, tests, strand precision Coordinate Measuring MachineTesting with a volumetric measuring and probing error in the submicrometric range with a very low probing force.
construction, measurement, tests
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frMagnet winding workshopTechnical support in the insulation, impregnation and winding of small magnets (L ≤ 0.75 m, Ø ≤ 0.4 m).
construction, production, magnet
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frInsulation laboratoryTechnical support in the winding of large magnets (Ø ≤ 2 m, L ≤ 3 m).
design, construction, production, magnet, strand
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itTechnical infrastructure for the development and tests of high power normal conducting structures for hadron acceleration and high power couplersThe infrastructure is distributed in one laboratory and four sections of INFN (Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro-LNL, Padova, Torino, Bologna).
design, construction, production, cavity, RF systems, SRF
PLIFJ TeamA team of 60 highly qualified engineers and technicians which were involved or still involved in many European scientific and technological projects.
cryogenics, vacuum, design, construction, production, assembly, measurement, tests, magnet, cavity, RF systems, SRF, cryomodule
PLIFJ parkMachine park includes mechanical and electronic workshops with a climate chamber. The workshop consists of several lathe, milling and many other CNC machines.
design, construction, production