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Location Institution Contact Name Description treatment workshop for RF cavitiesChemical and electrochemical polishing on Copper and Niobium substrates.
chemistry, cavity, materials FacilitiesCarbon and NEG coating, thin film laboratory, surface analysis.
chemistry, cavity, materials laboratoryChemistry analysis and quality control of baths for surface treatment, of fluids for experiments (detector gases, cooling fluids…) and accelerators.
chemistry, cavity, materials Vacuum Brazing Furnace Vacuum treatment and vacuum brazing of metal/metal or metal/ceramic components.
vacuum, chemistry laboratory Development of use of polymer, selection of glue, development of insulation systems, rapid 3D prototyping.
chemistry, materials treatment workshopDegreasing, pickling, etching and polishing of copper, aluminium and iron based metals. Electroplating of Copper, Nickel, Silver, Gold and Rhodium.
chemistry, materials
DEDESYamici@desy.deCavity PreparationDedicated facilities for the preparation of superconducting cavities including 800°C and 1400°C baking, chemistry for surface treatment (BCP and electro-polishing), high pressure water rinsing, CO2 cleaning with dry ice, large ISO4 clean rooms
clean room, design, chemistry, cavity, materials
DEDESYamici@desy.deMetallurgy labMetallurgy laboratory for the examination of material needed for the production of superconducting cavities
chemistry, thermal, materials
DEDESYamici@desy.deNb LabLaboratory for the detailed examination of large series of niobium sheets for the production of superconducting cavities
chemistry, materials
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frIntegrated chemistry cabinetsChemical treatment of elliptical cavities (h ≤ 1.5 m).
chemistry, cavity
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frVertical electropolishing cabinetChemical and electrochemical treatment of elliptical cavities (h ≤ 1.8 m, m ≤ 200 Kg).
chemistry, cavity
FRCNRSkaabi@lal.in2p3.frChemical etching facilityChemical etching of the RF surface of the cavity for removal damaged layer and/or possible surface contamination
production, chemistry, cavity
FRCNRSkaabi@lal.in2p3.frHigh Pressure Water Rinsing (HPWR) SystemReduce field emission and increase accelerating fields. High pressure water rinsing is currently a standard process for SRF cavities used during the preparation prior to cold tests. It allows efficient removal of potential metallic and dielectric dust particles (field emitters) from the cavity RF surface.
chemistry, cavity