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Location Institution Contact Name Description Magnet and Long Cryostats Assembly FacilityFabrication of SC magnets 4–16 meters, equipped with cable insulating machines, winding machines, curing press, collaring press, welding press, alignment systems using laser trackers, pressure and leak test equipment, electrical testing equipment, vertica
assembly, measurement, tests, magnet, superconductor LaboratoryConstruction and assembly of SC magnets up to total length of 3 meters (prototypes and special productions).
construction, production, assembly, magnet
DEDESYamici@desy.deModule AssemblyDedicated Assembly infrastructure for the first assembly / dis-assembly and repair of superconducting accelerator modules
assembly, cryomodule
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frCryomodule assembly platformModule assembly halls 1500 m2 assembly halls with cranes (m ≤ 20 t).
production, assembly, cryomodule
PLIFJ TeamA team of 60 highly qualified engineers and technicians which were involved or still involved in many European scientific and technological projects.
cryogenics, vacuum, design, construction, production, assembly, measurement, tests, magnet, cavity, RF systems, SRF, cryomodule