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Location Institution Contact Name Description SC cavities testing areaTest of SC cavities at cryogenic temperature.
cryogenics, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems
CHPSIterence.garvey@psi.ch50 MHz RF Test StandThe large 50 MHz resonators for the injector ring and main ring of the high intensity proton accelerator require a test facility to measure their performance and to test low level RF control systems with them.
measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems
CHPSIterence.garvey@psi.ch500 MHz RF Cavity Test StandThe Swiss Light Source exploits a test stand for 500 MHz RF in which new RF cavities, power couplers and amplifiers can be tested / developed: (r) 500 MHz cavity in its shielding (l) solid_state amplifier under development.
measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems
CHPSIterence.garvey@psi.chC-Band Structure Test StandFor PSI’s SwissFEL project the laboratory has built an infrastructure which contributes to the production of the C_band (5.7 GHz) accelerating structures needed for the project. 
measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems
CHPSIterence.garvey@psi.chElectron Cyclotron Resonance Source Test StandTest stand for the development and characterisation of proton sources for the PSI proton cyclotron.
measurement, tests, RF systems
DEDESYamici@desy.deVertical cavity testsSeveral vertical test stands for the characterization of superconducting accelerator cavities
cryogenics, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems, superconductor, SRF
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frVertical cryostats for cavity testsAccelerating field and quality factor measurements of superconducting radiofrequency cavities (CV1: Ø ≤ 0.7 m, h ≤ 2.9 m , CV2: Ø ≤ 0.45 m, h ≤ 1.7 m.)
cryogenics, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems, superconductor, SRF
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.frHorizontal cryostat for cavity testsTests of superconducting cavities in the same conditions as in an accelerator CryHoLab (Ø ≤ 0.7 m, h ≤ 1.5 m.)
cryogenics, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems, superconductor, SRF
FRCEA Saclayamici@cea.fr352 MHz RF Platform2 CW klystrons (f = 352 MHz, P = 1.3 MW) and 1 pulsed klystron (f = 352 MHz, P_{Peak}= 2.8 MW, duty cycle c = 5 %).
cryogenics, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems, superconductor, SRF
FRCNRSkaabi@lal.in2p3.frPower sourcesno description available
RF systems
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itTechnical infrastructure for the development and tests of high power normal conducting structures for hadron acceleration and high power couplersThe infrastructure is distributed in one laboratory and four sections of INFN (Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro-LNL, Padova, Torino, Bologna).
design, construction, production, cavity, RF systems, SRF
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itStation for handling and test of superconducting rf cavities in superfluid helium up to 500MHz in Milano-LasaRF SC cavities Test Station and associated infrastructures: vertical cryostat 700 mm diameter and 5500 mm height. Test frequencies 700 MHz, 1.3 GHz and 3.9 GHz
cryogenics, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itProduction photo-cathode laboratory in Milano-LASAMagnet Test Station: vertical cryostat 690 mm diameter and 6500 mm height. Power supply up to 10kA. Magnet protection ancillaries (breaker, resistors and power circuit for 10 kA magnets)
cryogenics, measurement, tests, RF systems
ITINFNamici@lists.infn.itRF cavities for accelerators at Laboratori Nazionali di FrascatiTuning and low power RF tests can be performed in a dedicated clean room together with beam coupling impedance measurements.
electrons, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems
PLIFJ TeamA team of 60 highly qualified engineers and technicians which were involved or still involved in many European scientific and technological projects.
cryogenics, vacuum, design, construction, production, assembly, measurement, tests, magnet, cavity, RF systems, SRF, cryomodule
SEFREIA/UUtord.ekelof@physics.uu.seTest stand for the characterization of completely assembled superconducting accelerator modulesno description available
measurement, tests, RF systems, cryomodule
SEFREIA/UUtord.ekelof@physics.uu.seRF systemsHigh power rf generator stations at 352 and 702 MHz with wave guides and circulators
measurement, tests, RF systems​Cryogenics Test LaboratoryRF testing and qualification infrastructure for the design, construction and verification of both normal-conducting and superconducting RF accelerating structures. Comprising high precision bead-pull system for EM characterisation, SRF vertical test facil
cryogenics, measurement, tests, cavity, RF systems​Advanced instrumentation, laser and cryogenic laboratories Advanced instrumentation, laser and cryogenic laboratories for the development of innovative sub-system designs which can be qualified for high performance prior to integration into an operating accelerator environment.
cryogenics, cavity, RF systems, SRF