Success stories

During the AMICI Partner and Industry days for Scientific Technology Infrastructure organized in Padova (Italy), two industry representatives presented success stories of cooperation with Research Institutes:

  • M. Gehring from Babcock Noell GmbH (BNG)

    BNG is a medium size company located in W├╝rzburg (Germany), with worldwide activity in the field of nuclear services, nuclear technology, magnet technology and environmental technology.

    BNG has been successfully involved in large-scale projects together with Research Infrastructures and other companies through, for example, the manufacturing of non planar coils for the Wendelstein 7-X fusion experiment, the production of dipole magnets for the LHC accelerator ring and the fabrication of superconducting SIS100 dipole magnets for the research facility FAIR.

  • G. Corniani from Ettore Zanon S.p.A (EZ)

    EZ is a medium size company located in Schio (Italy) which, among other activities, supplies equipment to major Nuclear Physics Research Institutes in Europe.

    EZ has taken part in the European X-ray Free Electron Laser (EXFEL) project via, in particular, the manufacturing of 420 superconducting cavities and 45 cryostats working at 1.3GHz, in close cooperation with DESY and INFN.