Terminology and Technology Infrastructure tree structure

Technical Platform - A Technical Platform is an installation which can be used to develop, fabricate, test and / or measure technological components of accelerators.

Examples: clean room, module assembly hall, magnet winding workshop, test cryostat, coupler RF test station.

Technological Facility - A Technological Facility is a cluster of Technical Platforms.


  • the Technological Facility at CEA – Saclay (called “Synergium”),
  • the Technological Facility at INFN – Frascati,
  • the whole Technological Facility at INFN (which is composed of the Technical Platforms located at the different geographical sites: Frascati, Genova, Legnaro, Milano, Napoli – Salerno and Padova).

Technology Infrastructure - A Technology Infrastructure is a network of Technological Facilities.

Example: the European accelerator and magnet Technology Infrastructure of the AMICI partners (including industry partners in the future) as shown in the figure below.

Research Infrastructure - A Research Infrastructure is a laboratory which has a research instrument built from accelerators or superconducting magnets, with an active user community.

Example: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) which is operating PETRA III, the free electron laser FLASH, and the European XFEL.

Technology Infrastructure
Technology Infrastructure